Sasi Victoire
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Book - Crockee's Country (More than a crocodile story)

Crockee’s Country is inspired by the many crocodile narratives exchanged at the old Barron River bridge where Sasi now walks her dogs.
These daily walks also reveal much damage to the Barron River catchment area through leisure activities and development.
In Crokee’s Country she highlights the need for protective custodianship of waterways and valuing the environment.

Crockee's Country-Cover
Backpackers at Rusty's Markets
Crockee is born
Birds Scatter
Crockee's family
Crockee's Relatives
Crockee on leaf
Curious Birds
Mayhem at the Barron River
Crockee falls in the river
Crockee in the Sunbus
Al's Stall
Barron River Hydro station
Red sandtruck
Uncle Friday
Water Spirit