Robyn Bauer
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2013-14    Recent Drawings

I am totally enamoured of the area where I live, Paddington, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. The way this relationship works, between me and this area is by walking. I have some well worn paths around the area and I try to discover a new street every day. 

The fig tree drawings have been inspired in this way. The older streets contain many of these trees and underfoot the squashed figs provide a pungent aroma. I love the buttress roots, the gnarled textures of the trunks and the wide reaching canopies. 

Each of these tress drawings took about a week to finish.

The skeleton and Ekka drawings come from my life drawing preoccupation and a desire to "put it all together" somehow. They also relate to place, the glasshouse mountains, the Brisbane Exhibition grounds and there are a few art history references thrown in.

Moreton Bay Fig Tree 1
Fig Tree Drawing 2
Fig Tree Drawing 3
Fig Tree Drawing 4
Story Bridge Fantasy
Brisbane Ekka with Additions
Skeleton. Owl and Watteau's Minstrel