Anne Lord
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… suites of work by Anne Lord organised under relevant titles

2019 to -

The Strand Walkers 

2018-2019: work involved an experimental project reflecting on the prehistoric inland sea, deep time and water layers and migration over millenia.

2014 to 2017 involves drawing from the land and some creatures.  

2011-2014 work consisted of drawings, digital work and watercolours in two suites: 1. Fragments and 2. Similarity and Difference.

2006 ephemeral projects involved work for the Murray Darling Palimsest site, in Mildura. These sculptural pieces are ephemeral so they are captured in photography and can be seen in the gallery titled Ephemeral Art
Work in Galleries is available from under headings listed below: Ephemera, Paintings, Drawings, Screenprints, Lithographs and Wood engravings.

There are some other artists mentioned under Gallery 48. This gallery is at 2/48 The Strand, Townsville. OPEN Wednesdays and Saturdays 12 noon to 5:00pm Phone 07 47244898 for other viewing times.

The Strand - Walkers - 

Watercolours and digital images from a series of walkers on The Strand Townsville. Previously I drew a lot of them as miniature drawings for Brooklyn Art Library. 

2019 work by Anne Lord 

Iphone Images 

2018-2019 The Partnershipping Project  TPP

Flood paintings on canvas 

The Artesian Basin, The Flinders Morning Basins,  the Eromanga Sea and the Floods

trinkets and shards by Anne Lord

Homage to Breughal: movement in painting exhibited in August Movement

2012 work using trinkets from Ravenswood and n w Qld 

From the Collection an exhibition at Gallery 48

 4th March to 6th May 2017 

the Dry Tropics was an exhibition at Gallery 48

Urban Flag Series

Lithographs mostly printed from lithographer's limestone, and some from grained alluminium plates.

Wood engravings

Trees from the survivor series

Paintings, mostly in acrylic

'art and ephemera' is about how artworks are used to investigate the way things disintegrate, go back to nature. 

Tools of Change - an exhibition/installation and projection about ephemera and change in commodities such as old metal tools. Rust and metal flakes contribute to these images.

Watercolours have been a large part of collecting information as sketches. Some watercolours are developed into larger  works.  

Absense 2004 was held in Umbrella Townsville.  

Public Art
Flotsom and jetsom
The Strand Re-Development Project 1999-2000